Food in the Hot Weather

Hot weather many people are very difficult to tolerate. In this regard, it is necessary to form your diet properly. This must be done to ensure that the body receives enough of all the nutrients.

So, let’s consider the question – how to eat in the hot weather.

1. Liquid. In hot weather, you need to keep drinking regime. This must be done in order to prevent dehydration. Drink water, eat the first meal.
2. Calories. Regarding the calorific value, it is best to cut. You do not need to eat high-calorie food in the heat. Favor vegetables, fruits, herbs.
3. Diet. As for diet, the peak hours (from 12.00 to 15.00), it is best not to eat. This means that the diet needs a little shift. Breakfast should be earlier, and dinner later. Note that you can not refuse food. The diet should be adjusted a bit, that’s all.
4. Vitamins. As mentioned above, it is necessary to give preference to vegetables and fruits. Eat more fresh vitamin, it is helpful in all kinds of weather.

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