Foods that are Toxic

12111610When buying food, we hope that in addition to the feeling of fullness we get the nutrients that will help us to gain energy and prevent various diseases.

However, we did not suspect that some of them pose a threat to our health.

Take, for example, smoked sausages, which attract their appetizing appearance and many people think that they are made in smokehouses using charcoal. But it is not so, because in the modern conditions of the majority of entrepreneurs use liquid smoke, containing in its composition formaldehyde.

When choosing milk, should pay attention to the expiration date, if it exceeds 14 days, the antibiotics present in its composition.

Many people can not afford to frequent consumption of red caviar, but in any event, and even more so on New Year’s table, trying to buy it. While that in itself caviar is very useful, that which we offer in the shops, harmful, since it added methenamine.

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