For the Work of the Brain you Need to Use Olive and Almond Oil

In the UK, scientists gave interviews to local journalists about food that have a positive effect on the work of the human brain. According to their statements, this oil is from olives and almonds. Many people know that almonds have positive properties. But olive oil – it was a discovery.

As it turned out, olive oil prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease due to a decrease in the activity of deposition of beta-amyloid type. These are insoluble elements that are found in the tissues of the brain.

Neurologists say that oil from almonds contains riboflavin and carnitine, which together support the activity of the brain. As a result, thinking will be more profound and qualitative. These two oils can slow down or even prevent the deterioration of cognition and the development of neural processes.

They also note that a high level of sugar in the blood leads to a negative work of the entire brain. To stop this process, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits and reduce the consumption of food containing sugar. It was also noted that black chocolate improves brain function.

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