Found the main source of happiness

The human brain is arranged in such a way that it is able to recognize the happy mood of one’s interlocutor in the first few seconds after communication.

So, in order to get a unique opportunity to become happy, you just need to give our brain what it needs most. Australian scientists conducted a large-scale study in which more than ten thousand people took part.

And after the results were summed up, it turned out that in fact, makes a person happy. And although the public believed that in the first place should be money, but the statement of scientists minds, they were disappointed.

Money has not become a leader among the main sources of happiness. Of course, when the study was conducted, scientists did not take into account those situations in which a person does not have enough money to feed himself and his family. In the calculation went only those who do not need financial resources.

Three main reasons for feeling happy

In the first place, to the astonishment of ordinary people, but not scientists, who thought that the outcome of the events was ninety-five percent, was a dream. It is a strong and healthy sleep at night, can make a person absolutely healthy. And although those who get enough sleep and allow their body to fully recover before the next day, a little poorer than those who spend extra time at work and stay late. Those people who sleep well can seriously say that they feel much happier than everyone else on the planet. After all, when in a person’s life there is a regular healthy sleep, this makes his nervous system unshakable, and hence health is strong. For most of those who can not even imagine what it means to not sleep at night, such a thing as a nervous breakdown or depression is absolutely unfamiliar.

In second place, very thoroughly proven himself sex. Only those who can boast of the regularity of this lesson and the enjoyment of the process itself, believe that they have the right to call themselves happy people.

But even with sex, sleep does not become a comparison. After all, those who get enough sleep are always much healthier and physically stronger than those who do not sleep at night, but have sex. Therefore, this type of activity can only be considered an addition to the source of happiness.

And in third place, of course, will be money. Only not the manifestation that happiness comes with their waste, but that they should provide a comfortable existence for a person so that they can get enough sleep and from time to time have sex, and not disappear at work to be able to support their family. Therefore, you should always treat money exactly from this angle to consider them as a necessary resource, which will only become a source of comfort and well-being.

After studying such data, it becomes only one question, but where do you get so much money to feel comfortable in any situation, if you do not go to work and earn them? Perhaps, when the scientists conducted the research, they did not take into account the fact that not all people can count on the large amount of money they have received from their parents. Therefore, more than ninety-seven percent of the world’s population have to work hard to then be able to give a decent education to their children. And if you learn to do nothing from a youth and at the same time receive money every month from nowhere, you can hardly achieve a true understanding of happiness in the concept in which it is presented to the majority of people.

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