Frequent Waking in the Night – is Dangerous to Health

17111614In recent years, many people due to various problems observed insomnia, as a result, they feel tired, irritable throughout the day.

In addition, the defective night’s sleep negatively affects health. Finally, you have the opportunity to sleep and you will, as expected, went to bed at 22.00.

Despite the fact that we managed to fall asleep quickly, after 4 hours you wake up for no apparent reason, and this is repeated several times during the night before the time, until the bell alarm clock.

The reason for this may be interrupted sleep number of different diseases, primarily chronic, one of which is atrial fibrillation. During this disease observed rhythm of the heart, leading to even short-term cessation of breathing during sleep.

Also, the cause of poor sleep may be mental disorders that arise as a result of stress or prolonged excitement. To avoid this, you first need to be examined to determine the cause. However, do not neglect some rules, such as not to nap during the day, sitting in front of a computer or watching television while lying on the couch. Should not forget the evening walks, and before going to bed to drink beverages with the use of medicinal herbs.

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