Going Braless

Chest women – is it of the main weapons. No man is able to stand in front of such beauty.

For the beauty of their breasts to be watched from a young age. This applies to all kinds of beauty treatments. It is equally important to carry out a monthly inspection of mammary glands. When identifying any abnormalities, you should immediately consult a mammologist.

But today’s topic of conversation a little bit different. It is necessary to discuss all the pros and cons of going woman in bra and without it.

1. Beauty. The nipples are visible through clothing. It looks very sexy.
2. Discomfort. The woman does not feel any discomfort.
3. Straps. Shoulder straps do not fall and do not dig into the skin.
4. Wash. If you do not wear a bra, then it does not need any wash or dry. In general, no maintenance is required.
5. Save. Underwear should always be beautiful. As is known, this can be costly.
6. The heroine of the novel. Spring is very pleasant to go out without a bra. Spring wind would be nice to blow the delicate skin of the breast

1. Aesthetics. It so happens that some outfit does not allow a woman to go out without underwear.
2. Saggy breasts. If the breast is large, it must be maintained by a bra, otherwise it droop.

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