Golden Rules for Proper Nutrition

At present, people simply do not want to eat right. Men want to always eat something fatter, and women are too lazy to cook. And from this it turns out not the most beautiful picture – obesity and health problems.

So, let’s find out what rules properly nutrition can be distinguished?

1. No fast food. About food in fast food should be forgotten. It is always better to avoid such institutions.
2. Fried dishes. These are the dishes that need to be excluded from their diet. Such products have nothing to do with health.
3. Portions. As for portions, they should not be very large. It is best that the portions are small, but you will have to eat more often. This is inconvenient, but correct.
4. Meat. From red meat is better to refuse. It is best to eat chicken or turkey.
5. Fish. On your table fish and seafood should be present 3 times a week. The benefits of them are simply enormous.
6. Vegetables and berries. Berries, fruits eat every day. In summer, eat them in large quantities to make a supply of vitamins and not get sick in the fall.

Eat right to always have good health.

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