Green Tea With Ginger and Lipa Boost Immunity

14111614In order to feel in good shape and not be subject to disease, it is necessary to improve their immunity.

One way this is a proper diet, a diet prevail when products containing vitamins and other nutrients. These include a variety of vegetables and fruits, dairy products, and most seafood.

Enhance immunity and promote some drinks, but they are certainly not the ones that are sold in stores, meaning sweet carbonated water and packaged juices.
Much more useful is to drink tea, especially green varieties, especially if they add components such as ginger and linden. If you drink tea with ginger, then you will not only boost your mood, and your body will be protected from various kinds of viruses and bacteria.

The same can be said about the lime tree, because, in addition to the flavor that it imparts teas, this plant helps to resist colds. This is especially true during the cold season, when people are more susceptible to colds.

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