Currently, there is more information about what a huge amount of vitamins contained in green vegetables. That they need to include in your daily diet.

In the summer, it is easy to make in the winter twice harder. Winter – it’s not an ideal time for the growth of vegetables and fruits. But do not introduce your body to stress. Greens can always grow on your windowsill (onions, parsley, dill) or to buy at the supermarket (in greenhouses). It is believed that in the green of the greenhouses contain few vitamins. And they may be smaller, but they are there. In the presence of the freezing chamber can be frozen fresh herbs and used when needed.

So what are the green vegetables should be included in your diet in the winter?

1. Spinach. With spinach can strengthen the immune system, which is important during epidemics of influenza. Besides, it is a major source of folic acid, which is very important at the stage of planning of pregnancy.
2. Cabbage. Cabbage – a great product for the prevention of cancer. The composition of her truly unique.

Eat more greens and did not get sick!

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