Habits in nutrition determine the level of harmony

Some women so often sit on diets, which is already forgotten when the last time they fully fed and what can be a positive effect of this.

the fact is that most diets are aimed at reducing kilograms, but it does not take into account exactly which kilograms will leave your body. After all, when you are on a diet, the first ones to start disappearing are the muscles, and only then the fatty deposits. Therefore, almost every woman could feel on herself that as soon as the diet ends and the diet again includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the body weight increases dramatically to its original size.

The fact that our body can not always live without muscles, so he will try to build them even from the minimum number of proteins that are just beginning to come to him after a diet.

Thus, when you long infringe on yourself in some products, and then allow yourself to eat them, there comes a sharp stock of fat deposits in case you suddenly decide to go hungry again. Women should consider that proper nutrition throughout life is much more effective than diets with their complex outlets and long intervals. It is necessary to learn to correctly perceive food and sort it according to the compatibility of products among themselves.

Should I give preference to diets?

Many nutritionists are sure that there is nothing worse than thinking in black and white. When a woman today ate too much harmful food, and tomorrow she decided to arrange a day off.

The body gets a double stress, because he does not understand at all what he needs to prepare for, and just in case, nevertheless postpones the spare fat layer depriving himself of muscle mass.

In this case, the unloading days act positively only on the human psyche, as if calming the woman that everything that she had eaten yesterday, will burn today. But this is fundamentally wrong, because just as in the case of mono diets, the body is only oversaturated with one product and is deprived of the opportunity to receive full-fledged supply with all the necessary trace elements.

Therefore, everyone who wants to have a slender and beautiful figure should remember that it is better to eat more often, but in small portions and every day than once per night, and the next day starve yourself.

If you are in such a company or at an event, when it is simply impossible to overeat heavy and harmful food, then try to use portions in small pieces or even say everything that stretches pleasure. This will allow you to buy time and when no one else will look how much you ate, just give up fried or sweet. Believe that your body will only thank you, even if at that moment it will be persistently to demand to continue to eat. Our taste buds are able to saturate ten times slower than the stomach is filled, and it turns out that we sometimes eat much more than we can digest at a time.

Many diets are designed to help a woman see on the scales the cherished minus ten kilograms, but her body may look completely ugly, due to the fact that only bones and fat remain, and all muscle fibers will simply fall.

How to learn to eat right?

If such science as proper nutrition for you is difficult and seems incomprehensible, because of your habits and moral principles, then you need to look every day specifically only those recipes that describe dishes from healthy foods. Over time, your worldview can change and this will have a positive effect on your entire life.

So do not let go of your hands, but you just need to take every day to prepare healthy food, even if it looks fresh and tasteless at first, but after twenty-one days you will get used to eating without salt and drinking drinks without sugar. You just need to hold out for twenty-one days. And although it seems very easy, but in fact they seem like an eternity, but then you will get relief and your body will be envied in the amount of health that it will extract from each portion of your diet.

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