Habits that Keep Skin Young

Currently, every woman who lives on the planet earth – caring for your skin. This is due to the fact that nobody wants to look at a young age older than his years.

Due to the bad environment, and improper diet more and more women are faced with the fact that the skin becomes unhealthy shade or starts to peel off. That the skin was healthy, you need to follow the simple rules.

1. Sugar. It is important to renounce the use of sugar in food. It has a bad effect on the skin resulting in acne appear.
2. Fried foods. It is very important to give up fried foods. Scientists in America have proven that giving up fried foods will significantly reduce the number of patients with skin cancer.
3. Fruits. The diet should include as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Apples, bananas, oranges – that’s what you need to eat every day.
4. Water. Drink more water. With its help, you can bring the body of toxins and wastes.
5. The control diet. You should always keep track of what you eat. The appearance depends on what a person eats.

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