Habits that Lead to the Appearance of Wrinkles

281120169Every woman wants to have a young and beautiful skin. It seems that each of us is making every effort for this. But what if there was not, on the face wrinkles. What is the cause of their appearance?

1. Sunscreen. Sunscreen should be used not only on the beach. The skin from UV rays need to be protected in their daily lives.
2. Cud. Avoid chewing gum. When a person chews, it produces a tension in the nasolabial area.
3. Cleansing. The skin needs to be purified, but need to do more than 2 times per week. In the morning, wipe the skin with ice cubes.
4. Pillow. Pillowcase on the pillow should be replaced every three days, so that it did not have time to accumulate microorganisms.
5. Sleep. Try to get enough sleep at night. If you can sleep during the day, do not give up on this. Sleep best on your side or back. Avoid the habit of sleeping on your stomach.
6. Smoking. If you have not quit smoking, it’s time to do it. Women who smoke are aging twice as fast.

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