Hair beauty depends on nutrition

When a woman wants to have beautiful hair, she tries at all costs to do everything possible to improve the appearance of the main pride in female beauty.

And sometimes, just a few times a week to give your hair enough attention, so that they can rejoice every day, incredible strength and health. The fact is that in addition to various cosmetic procedures for hair, which in the past few years began to gain more popularity, it is worth paying attention to the food, which should always be full.

If your diet includes vitamins and minerals that can give not only shine, but also strength to your hair, then you are on the right path to your own recovery.

Vitamins useful for hair

All you need to know about the right diet, you can place in several main groups. Thus, as soon as you understand what you need to allocate as a basis for your health, it will become much easier to perceive information about exactly what products you should use to satiate your body with health.

Vitamins that are useful for hair can be grouped together:

1) Vitamins of group B. They work very well in the direction of hair growth, and also strengthen them and reduce fat content. They make them elastic, strong, dense and shiny, which is very important for the appearance of healthy and beautiful hair. You can find such vitamins in cereals, eggs, nuts, as well as brewer’s yeast, as a cosmetic product.
2) Vitamin C. It promotes the activation of hair growth, due to the acceleration of blood circulation. And also helps to assimilate the gland, which favorably affects the hair and their health. Products rich in vitamin C – lemons, oranges, apples,
3) Vitamin A. It works to ensure that the hair is always soft and silky. Restores the structure of the hair, filling damaged areas on the hair. Quite often as a source of this vitamin is used cottage cheese, eggs, liver and butter, as well as carrots, apricots and sea buckthorn.
4) Vitamin E. Thanks to this vitamin, the hair follicles eat and gain strength, and also heals all hair after removing the ultraviolet from its structure. This vitamin always acts as a hair cleanser from harmful components that accumulate in them in the process of vital activity from the environment. The foods that contain this vitamin are well known to everyone, because these are eggs, nuts, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds and vegetable oils.

Microelements that are necessary for every woman

The main source of hair nutrition, are not only vitamins, but also trace elements, which will certainly become a source of health. Therefore, it is worth to learn more about this type of hair condition improvement:

1) Calcium. Indispensable for the structure of the hair. It is found in vegetables of green color, dairy products and greens.
2) Zinc. Eliminates the causes of graying and hair loss. It is found in onions, cabbage and garlic.
3) Iodine. Provides a healthy appearance to the hair, as well as indispensable in metabolic processes. It is located in champignons, seafood and persimmon.
4) Magnesium. Ensures elasticity to the hair. It is found in dried apricots, nuts and fresh herbs.
5) Sulfur. Works on giving strength and shine to the hair. It is found in garlic, beans, fish and liver.
6) Silicon. Provides strength and strength to the hair and is found in zucchini, root vegetables and cucumbers.
7) Copper. It protects hair from early aging. It is found in cereals, apricots and pumpkins.
8) Selenium. Protects hair from environmental influences, which adversely affects their condition. It is found in Meat, rye bread and milk.
9) Phosphorus. Guarantees the beauty of color and elasticity. It is found in beans and fish.
10) Iron. Strengthens hair and prevents early graying. It is found in garnet, buckwheat and liver.
11) Amino acid. Tyrosine is also necessary for hair, protecting them from early graying.

All these trace elements we get with food every day and can say with confidence that they actually help. After all, if you try to observe the right way of life, then it is likely that this can cause your hair to be always dazzlingly beautiful. That already in itself speaks about the correct approach to caring for yourself and trying to keep your beauty.

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