Hair Beauty Harsh in Winter

Every woman wants to look charming no matter what the weather is on the street. Beauty is above all.

So there is quite a fair question – what kind of care should be provided to your hair in winter? What is needed for this and what procedures are most expedient to conduct?

Save the beauty of hair will help food. If you include them in the diet, then very soon you just do not recognize your hair.

1. Blueberries. This berry makes the hair less dull. Everything happens because it contains a huge amount of biotin and vitamins.
2. Eggs. To have strong hair, eat eggs. They contain a lot of useful protein.
3. Salmon. Oily fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. Due to this, hair products will cease to fall out.
4. Nuts. Nuts – this is the source of important microelements for the body, eat them every day.
5. Spinach. The green contains iron, vitamin A and C. This unique composition allows the hair to remain long, beautiful and obedient.

Be beautiful always.

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