Hair care in summer 2018

With the onset of summer, many girls face the deterioration of their curls.

Burning sun rays, salt water, dry wind very negatively affect them. Even the strongest, healthy, thick hair can not stand and turn into dry, saggy, groomed strands. However, if you follow the recommendations for hair care systematically, you can support its beauty, strength and natural overflow.

Basic rules for protecting hair from the sun

Experts advise first of all going for a walk or a beach, be sure to wear a hat. This will protect not only strands from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, but also protect against sunstroke. In addition, it will not be superfluous to use a complex of drugs with a sunscreen factor. They have the properties of regeneration, which will help not only to form a protective layer, but also to restore their previous appearance.

Now very popular sprays, they are sprayed along the entire length and with the help of special filters protect the structure of the hair, throughout the day. It also helps with high temperatures, so it’s useful when drying hair with a hair dryer or when straightening strands with a curling iron.

The next step is a thorough cleansing. In the hot season, the hair very quickly turns out to be fat, this is due to the active work of the sebaceous glands. After swimming in the pool or the sea, you must always wash your head with shampoo. On the shelves of the store or pharmacy you can see special products for summer use. They are suitable for frequent use. Do not forget about moisturizing. Remember, dry locks are easier to prevent than restore damaged hair. In summer it is better to practice natural grooming. Instead of fashionable, advertised products, try masks or rinsers from natural ingredients. For example, if you add vitamins A and E to the mixture, it is quite possible after several applications to get soft, airy curls, with well-groomed tips. And regularly rinsing your head with decoction of chamomile, burdock or nettle, it is possible to give it a shine and a healthy shine.

Even famous stylists recommend folk methods to feed hair bulbs. At least once a week, you need to rub lemon, cabbage and spinach juice into the scalp, which must first be combined. Then rinse with warm or slightly cool water. But the brightest sun is the biggest danger for colored hair, as ultraviolet actively neutralizes chemical dyes, which sometimes contributes to a change in the color shade. In addition, painting and so damages the hair, but prolonged exposure to sunlight will lead to active loss of curls and in the future it is quite possible to detect unattractive bald patches. Therefore, you must always protect your hair from frequent consumption of ultraviolet rays. Do not be lazy to constantly apply cosmetic and folk ways to care for your hair.

Effective Recipes Recovering Masks

Increasingly, a woman takes care of her locks and chooses natural means and uses what nature gives us. Coconut oil enjoys universal love and popularity, as it has all sorts of useful properties and will definitely help restore hair after scorching sunlight.

Strengthening of hair. To harmlessly and inexpensively improve the condition of the hair, you should try to use a preparation made from coconut extract, which was added a few drops of rosemary. For best effectiveness, massage the mixture into the scalp with massage movements, for ten minutes, do the procedure no more than twice a week. This method will help to speed up hair growth and restore the structure of the strands.

Against loss. Coconut oil – this is a universal tool that will help to cope and with weak curls. If you notice daily that the hair on the brush, after combing, more and more, you need to immediately apply this recipe. Melt the butter and add to it a teaspoon of glycerin, vinegar and one egg. All mixed and put on the skin and leave for an hour. To improve the effect, you need to wrap the head with a pack and a towel. Then rinse with infusion of chamomile.

Anti-dandruff. Everyone who has encountered such a nuisance as dandruff knows how difficult it is to get rid of this problem. Not only that white flakes on the curls – it’s not attractive, so still and feel a strong itch of the skin. Vitamins K and E, with which coconut oil is rich, allows to get rid of this defect forever. Combine it with aloe juice and tincture of nettle, in a 1: 1 ratio. If within a month, apply the mixture for a few hours, then from dandruff will remain only memories.

From the visited ends. You will need the flesh of ripe coconut, grated on a grater and filled with hot water, but not with boiling water and cover with a lid for a couple of hours. After you need to remove the wrinkled pulp, and put the liquid in the refrigerator. The next day, coconut oil will float to the surface. It should be rubbed in strands before going to bed, and in the morning it should be washed off with your favorite shampoo.

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