Hair Care in Summer

Summer skin and hair need a special move. The thing is that hot weather affects the appearance of a person badly. So the question arises – what must be done to preserve the beauty of hair in the summer? This topic is interesting to many women because we all want to be truly beautiful.

1. Vitamin masks. More often apply hair mask with the addition of vitamins. Vitamins perfectly nourish the hair and make them stronger. Excellent for the hair is a mask based on carrots. Thanks to this mask, the hair will become more docile and healthy.
2. Herbal infusion. Often brew nettle, chamomile. Infusion is always possible to rinse hair after washing. Herbs also perfectly strengthen the hair. In addition, the daisy in every way contributes to the brilliance and silky hair.
3. Oils. Before every hair wash, rub olive oil into their roots. With its help, you can not only moisturize your hair, but also nourish them. The effect will be stunning.

Regular care will make your hair beautiful and strong. They will not fall out any more. Let the braid grow up to the waist!

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