Hair Care Prone to Fat

Hair type as the skin can be quite varied. Most often, women are faced with the complexity of such a greasy hair. Such hair very quickly zhirneyut. It seems that their hostess and soap for a long time. Although in reality, the hair washing was morning.

This is a problem because of the hair difficult to achieve such freshness. But nothing is impossible. So how can you help oily hair become more attractive in appearance?

1. Power. Pay careful attention to nutrition. It must be complete and balanced. The menu should be enough vitamins.
2. The temperature of the water. You do not need to wash your hair in hot water. The water should be warm.
3. Masks. Do most hair mask. For this type of hair mask fit on the basis of black bread, yogurt. It is very important to put a mask on a regular basis.
4. Shampoo. Shampoo is also necessary to choose correctly. It is best suited for oily hair shampoo with nettle extract.

Lovely woman, follow their beauty and appearance anytime, anywhere!

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