Hair Care with the Help of Herbs

061220164Every woman wants to have beautiful and long hair. Only now, due to poor environmental conditions, this is not so simple. Hair is constantly falling out, are cut and broken. This is a real problem faced by millions of women.

However, do not despair. Output is always there. Hair is necessary to provide complete care based on natural ingredients. There is no better means to hair than grass.

So what herbs must be used to make hair thicker and silky.

1. Agrimony. Great burdock strengthens hair. The resulting broth is necessary to rinse your hair 3 times a week.
2. Birch buds. To speed up hair growth, you need the infusion of birch buds to rinse hair. The effect will be visible after a few treatments.
3. Nettle. The growth of the hair also helps nettle. It is useful to wash your hair with shampoo on the basis of this herb. Their market represented a great many.
4. Chamomile. If the hair is no longer shine, then they need to rinse decoction of chamomile.

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