Hair Diet

Beautiful hair – this is exactly what all the women of the planet want to achieve. But not everyone was lucky. Not all nature has endowed with beautiful and healthy hair. Sometimes, you have to work hard to make your hair really luxurious.

Immediately note that leaving the outside often is ineffective. The thing is that hair needs to be recharged from the inside. Proper nutrition and consumption of vitamins in a normal amount will help to achieve your goal.

So, what should be the diet, aimed at achieving beauty of hair ?!

1. Nuts and eggs. Include these foods in the diet. With their help, the hair will fall out less and stay clean for longer.
2. Pumpkin, fatty fish. Fatty acids, which are contained in the products, will perfectly help with increased dryness and brittle hair.
3. Almonds and bananas. Thanks to these products, hair will become more silky. They will get a maximum of vitality and brilliance.
4. Liver and carrots. To reduce hair loss, the body needs a trace element, such as iron.

Be beautiful!

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