Hair Dryer

101220167Every woman is perfectly aware of how harmful blow-dry. This procedure leads them just in a terrible state. Fragility, posechennye tips – this is not the whole list of problems that can occur in women with hair.

As if there was not, there are times when the use of a hair dryer is simply impossible to refuse. Perhaps, if we use the hairdryer is not so often, the harmful effects on the hair is not. If you have to blow-dry, then do not bring them close to the hair.

So what are the ways of drying your hair is still there?

1. Hot towel. If you roll up a hot towel on your head, the hair will dry faster.
2. Sun. Note should never dry your hair in the sun, as it leads them to a terrible state.
3. Oven. If you turn on the oven, the hair dry faster.
4. Beach. If on the beach soaked hair, be sure to rinse them with fresh water. Be sure to hide your hair under a scarf. Do not let the hair burnt out.

From all it can be concluded that the hair should dry naturally. Tumble dryer or other means can be a last resort.

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