Hair Masks

Every woman wants to have beautiful hair. But now the negative environmental factors have a negative effect on their condition. In this regard, the hair needs to be even more thorough and reliable care. This applies to regular application of masks. But do not forget that there are plenty of recipes that has its beneficial properties for hair.

So, what are recipes for masks? Here are the most effective.

1. Kefir. Mask based on kefir Bole makes the hair soft and docile. After its application, the hair is easy to comb without balm or hair conditioner.
2. Gelatine. Now is a very popular procedure lamination hair. But its price is very high. Do not despair. This procedure can be done at home. To this must be applied several times a week mask based on gelatin. Hair will be smooth, shiny and docile.
3. Mustard. If you want to make your hair grow faster, it needs to use a mask based on mustard. Be careful, mustard can burn. But after a few treatments you will notice that the hair began to grow twice as fast.

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