Hair Shine

101220161Every woman wants to have beautiful and long hair. But it so happens that poor diet and bad environment can have a negative impact on the condition of the hair. To avoid this, you need to help your hair to find former beauty.

So, how to get your hair a natural shine?

1. Lemon. For blonde hair shone, they need to rinse with water with lemon juice. Blondes can even rinse the hair infusion of chamomile. The effect is remarkable.
2. Sage. To have dark hair a healthy shine, they should be rinsed infusion of sage. For brunettes can use brewed coffee.
3. Oil. Several times a month, apply on hair almond oil. This will make the hair is not only brilliant, but also soft.
4. Beer. Beer will have a remarkable effect for hair. Hair will not only be more obedient and shiny, but it is an excellent prevention of dandruff.

As you can see pretty women achieve beautiful hair is not so difficult. The main thing in this case is not to be lazy and do simple recommendations of leading cosmetologists.

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