Halloween in South Carolina

Unusual competition, the essence of which is to cut on pumpkins, organized in South Carolina on the eve of the celebration of Halloween.

The original idea of ​​the festival was visited by Activity Guide South Carolina Aquarium. At this time, there will be held a few contests in carving pumpkins into Jack style. It is interesting that these competitions will take place under water.

As a preparatory step to the celebration of the day, six members-divers descended to the bottom of a huge aquarium, which competed with each other in the art of carving pumpkins. This water reservoir is the largest in North America, and its depth reaches 13 meters. Competitors transforms pumpkin “jack-o’-lantern” in the environment, so to speak, the local inhabitants.

After 20 minutes, the participants created some spectacular and amazing creations. Everyone who came to the event could cast a vote for the best, in his opinion, the work. As a result, the winning bidder, who was able to create out of the ordinary pumpkin octopus.

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