Hangover After Wine

The lower the percentage of alcohol in alcoholic beverages, the person experiences less discomfort in the morning, after the use thereof.

However, the wine is not the case. Scientists from England found that the hangover after taking wine different from other hangover after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Prior to this research thought that the hangover is caused by sulphites (preservatives wine).

It turned out, the cause of bad condition – the usual sugar and tannins. And that is not likely, for many people, wine is a strong allergen!

Tannins are in grape seeds, vine and berry pelt. This substance – an antioxidant, and that it is in the morning dry mouth and makes you thirsty.

Histamines released during allergic reactions. They are guilty of a headache and other symptoms.

Check whether the wine is an allergen, and what will be the reaction of the organism is extremely simple, it is necessary to drink a glass of very strong brewed tea. If it is not pleasant symptoms appear, they will be after the red wine. Wall Street Journal recommends such people is better to use white wine and other alcohol-containing beverages.

Just a headache can cause sugar, which is at fault. The fact that glucose is dissolved in the alcohol is poorly absorbed by the body. In order for the process to be speeded up, the body needs water. Not wealth of water and causes a hangover.

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