Happiness and Beauty

Every woman wants to be extraordinarily beautiful. To do this, each of us is ready to spend many hours in the beauty salon, spends a lot of money. The main purpose of all this – to be beautiful.

Beauty for women – that’s all. In addition, men pay attention to slim and attractive women.

But there is the case all really?

I would like to say that a truly beautiful can only be a happy woman. Eye gloss and radiant smile is difficult to draw with the help of cosmetics. Cosmetics can create a beautiful appearance, but not the soul.

Unfortunately, many women simply do not understand. Silicone lip, chest – all this has become a familiar image of a woman. In addition, many women do not hesitate to change men, such as gloves. Namely, dissolute lifestyle takes a woman all her beauty. If a woman has no natural or spiritual beauty, it can not be truly happy.

True happiness lies in the details. The faster women realize it, the world will become better and kinder.

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