Harm for Hair

Hair should be healthy, beautiful and long. Only it is not always possible to achieve this. Most often they look dull and very much fall out. In general, not the most attractive form of female hair.

I want to say that this can not be blamed. Most often, the culprit of the terrible condition of the hair is none other than their mistress. Many women make gross mistakes in hair care.

Now let’s take a closer look.

Immediately I want to start, that you can never comb wet hair. In this state they are the most vulnerable, they can even break down. It is best to wait until they dry.

As for the comb, it also needs to be chosen correctly. This item must be made of natural materials only. No other use is strictly prohibited.

Still there is an enemy of our hair – it’s a hairdryer. And women use it almost daily.

As you can see, in our failures we are to blame. Try to fix it all, so that your hair pleases you with your appearance.

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