Harm of Solarium

231120162Currently, the street of the city can be seen more and more women with chocolate complexion. At the same time, this is possible even in the winter. Of course, now it is possible to fly to warm countries, and get a tan. But this is the exception, not the rule.

Now many women prefer to use a solarium. Very few people think about the health problems that may arise. When it comes to beauty, it is necessary to forget about everything.

It is worth noting that in one of the European countries, a law was passed to a visit to the solarium.

In Germany in 2009, came into force a law that the solarium can visit people who have reached the age of majority. If the owner disobeys, then he could face a serious penalty. This is due to the fact that the number of skin cancers among the Germans relentlessly growing up.

What is so dangerous solarium?

Solarium is dangerous for women of any age. But the more detrimental it acts on young skin. People who regularly visit the solarium, face increasing skin cancer. If a woman can not give up the golden skin color, it is best to use tanning (the Academic Council of the United States).

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