Harmful of Iron

Everyone knows how useful the iron to the body. Its main function – the saturation of tissues and cells with oxygen.

If a person during analysis determined that hemoglobin snizhet, it indicates a lack of iron in the body. To improve its often prescribe iron supplements and correct diet (grenades, liver).

However, we should not deceive ourselves. There should always be a measure (especially tablets).

Thus, when a large amount of iron can have harmful to the body?

Scientists from India have found that pregnant women with no abnormalities oral iron can harm their unborn child. Most often, it can cause enough weight in the child or the mother of premature birth.

Moreover, the high content of iron in the body can lead to an increase of liver, stomach problems, heart. This is a rather serious diseases.

Before taking any medications, you need to pass a comprehensive study and to consult an experienced physician.

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