Harmful Products for Teeth

241120167Everyone tries to keep teeth healthy. To do this you need to do is not so much: regular cleaning of the teeth, visiting the dentist twice a year, and timely treatment.

Sometimes, the person doing everything right, but the condition of the teeth he is not the best. This is due to the fact that there are many products that have a negative effect on the teeth.

Let us know what products are included in this list? This list was compiled by scientists from Australia.

1. Muesli.
2. Orange juice.
3. Energy drinks.

Why in this list made these products ?! The thing is that they contain a lot of sugar and acids. As is known, these components are always negatively affect dental health.

To the teeth have always been strong, you need to eat more foods high in calcium. These include: milk and milk products, cheese, cottage cheese.

It is very important after each meal brushing teeth. If you can not do that, it should at least remove food debris from interdental spaces.

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