Health and Beauty are Closely Related

081220164Now more and more women complain of problems such as hair loss and brittle nails. It should immediately be noted that the problem is often not a cosmetic. If you experience such difficulties, it is likely to have any health problems.

So why can drop the hair and exfoliate your nails, from a medical point of view?

1. Infectious diseases. If not so long ago you have had the flu, which was accompanied by a high temperature, the hair can fall out.
2. Hormonal failure. If a woman’s body comes hormonal failure, it can affect the condition of hair and nails. In this case, it is best to consult a specialist.
3. Stress. If stress (mental or physical) has shifted in recent times, the hair may also begin to fall heavily. Try to get some rest and get away from all the problems.
4. Weight loss. If you decide to lose weight, then the power was unbalanced. In turn, this has a negative effect on the beauty of hair and nails.

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