Health and Nails

241120166Currently, fewer women boast a beautiful and healthy nails. Yes, this problem can be easily overcome (or buildup coating gel varnish). But it will not solve the real problem. Most often, the nails themselves say about the problems in the body. Unfortunately, few people pay attention to these problems.

So, what can tell your nails?

1. Yellowness nails. If the nails have acquired a yellow tinge, it indicates abnormal liver function. Very often, the nails can turn yellow in women who smoke. Normally, nails should have a pink tint.
2. White spots. If nails appeared white point, the body lacks calcium. Eat more dairy products.
3. Slow growth. If the nails grow slowly, then you are constantly nervous and the body is in a constant state of stress.
4. Brittle. Very often, a woman complaining of brittle nails. Most often this is due to the fact that when working with chemicals, the women do not wear rubber gloves.

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