Health Benefits of Melon

210720166Very soon there will come in August, and this means the season of melons will be officially opened. This fruit like much, and it’s good, because the melon is very useful. We will understand, who can eat the day, and who does not.

So, if a person is overweight, he can safely eat melon, because it has very few calories. Only it applies to fresh melon, not dried.

During heat melon perfectly quenches thirst, but also has a soothing effect. Very often, this bright fruit nutritionists prescribed for diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart. However, it is worth remembering that a ripe melon contains more nutrients. Immature fruits should not eat people who have gastritis or ulcer. In ancient times to help doctors tried to treat seeds of sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea).

As we can see, melon – very useful fruit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eat all year round.

Recall melon can not eat on an empty stomach, breast-feeding women and intestinal disorders. Never buy damaged fruit, because dangerous microorganisms can be present in their crevices.

Melon in Cosmetology

Melon has a large number of useful properties, thanks to which each of you can use it not only as a vitamin supplement, but also as a cosmetic. If you want to get a good result and get rid of puffiness on the face, then a melon mask will help you to do it in just 15-20 minutes. With the constant use of such home cosmetics, after 7-10 days the complexion improves, pores and wrinkles are smoothed. Melon is also recommended for people with increased dryness of the skin, because it has a moisturizing effect. Be sure to try this tool in order to get an excellent result.

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