Health of Eyes

Currently, the street of the city, you can meet more people who are visually impaired. Even small children are wearing glasses. This is due to the fact that people spend little time on the street, and more on the computer.

This problem is serious enough, but there are few who pay attention.

So, how to help your eyes recover?

1. Break. While working at the computer to take a break. Give your eyes a rest. For this will be enough to see 5 minutes in the box.
2. Nutrition. It is important to eat foods high in vitamin A. This could be carrot juice pumpkin porridge. Very useful for blueberry eyes.
3. Gymnastics. Before going to sleep you need to perform exercises for the eyes. To do this, make a circular motion of the eyeball. Another useful exercise – frequent blinking.
4. Voltage. To remove the eye strain, use cucumber. To do this, put the pieces of vegetable on the eye. Remove the need to 20 minutes. Some advise to apply a lotion of black tea.

Protect eyes!

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