Healthy Eating Habits in Summer

Everyone knows that summer is the most dangerous period for food poisoning. In hot weather in any product with inadequate storage, pathogenic bacteria can begin to multiply actively. And this is dangerous for a person serious poisoning.

So, what are the rules of healthy eating in the summer?

1. Fruit. Never buy vegetables or fruits that are cracked or damaged. This indicates that a part of the microbes have already penetrated the fetus. The same applies to sliced ​​vegetables. On the market very often they sell already sliced ​​pumpkins. Do not be lazy. It is better to cut each vegetable by yourself.
2. Water. If you are on holiday in Egypt, then do not use tap water. Use only water from a bottle to drink and wash vegetables.
3. Readiness of the dish. Do not try the local cuisine (Egypt, India), whose products are not brought to readiness. It is not necessary to try exotic cuisine, because for an organism such food is unusual.

As you can see, in order to spend a good holiday you need to monitor the food culture.

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