Healthy Eating Habits

For a person to be healthy, he must eat right. From proper nutrition depends directly on the person’s well-being.

Undoubtedly, many people know about this. However, few adhere to this simple rule.

So, what are the rules of healthy nutrition, dietitians and doctors-gastroenterologists?

1. Greenery. Every day you need to eat greens, vegetables. These products contain many vitamins and minerals. It is best to eat them fresh and not to be processed.
2. Breakfast. The morning should begin with oatmeal. You can not refuse the first meal, because it is the most significant.
3. Meat. You must eat meat. But always remember that it is best to choose low-fat varieties (chicken, rabbit). Excess fat is not needed, because it leads to elevated cholesterol.
4. Fish. Three times a week you need to eat fish. Never forget this. Hake, tuna are those varieties that contain a maximum protein and a minimum of fat.

Eat right, so as not to get sick and feel great.

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