Healthy Eating

To date, hard to find someone who would not know about the benefits of healthy eating. Everyone is well aware, only adheres to these principles are not so many people. Much tastier to eat a big hamburger and fries than brisket steamed vegetables.

What are the principles of good nutrition can be identified?

1. The figure 5. Many people do not realize that could mean this figure. But we will tell everything. This or that food must not contain in its composition more than 5 ingredients.
2. Composition. Before you buy a particular product, carefully study the composition. It should not contain chemical preservatives.
3. Salt and sugar. When choosing a product, pay attention to them there was no salt and sugar.
4. Bread. Give preference to rye bread. From white to give boring.
5. Preparation. Do not buy prepared food, and prepare yourself

Healthy eating – is not a myth or reality. Eating properly is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In this case, the minimum cost.

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