Healthy Hair in the Cold Season

071220163Every woman wants to be beautiful. Of course, one major weapons and women – this beautiful hair. It is worth noting that in the winter they need especially good care. We need more carefully monitor the condition of the hair, so that they are really beautiful.

So how to make hair more beautiful and shiny in the winter?

1. Cap. In winter, it is necessary to wear a hat. If this is not done, then the hair will become lifeless and will fall.
2. Wash. Wash your hair at least pollution. In addition, it is important to choose a shampoo that suits your hair type.
3. Vitamins. Take vitamins for skin, hair and nails. In winter, the body does not dopoluchaet vitamins, so Saturate it with useful substances.
4. Hairdryer. The less you use a hair dryer, the better. Dry the hair dryer only to an important meeting or event. At other times, let your hair dry naturally.
5. Nutrition. Pay attention to proper and balanced diet.

If you stick to these simple rules, your hair throughout life will be luxurious. Good luck!

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