Healthy hair – the richest jewelry of a woman

Every woman dreams of having beautiful, silky, long hair. Healthy hair is the key to caring for them.

We ourselves without knowing it, we harm our hair: we paint, smooth, curl, we apply varnishes, we do biochemical perm. Weather conditions are also ruthless over our hair. Autumn raw air gives them fragility, and hot sun dry appearance. How to give your hair a healthy and healthy appearance? How to make our hair have a new life?

The Secret of Healthy Hair

Combing is an innocuous process of hair care. But the more often we comb, the more we damage our hair. Hair fall out, break. Try to comb as little as possible and only on dry hair, because wet hair when combing destroy its structure.

In our time, a lot of various hair care: shampoos, masks, balms, sprays … The market is full of all kinds of firms that offer their products and claim that the quality of the goods is high and suitable for your hair.

To hair always looked well-groomed, you need to find the right make-up for them. If your hair is dry, then shampoo should have keratin in the composition, which will revive them and give softness. Owners of oily hair need to choose a shampoo, which includes ginseng and lotus flower extract, which tones and soothes hair, gives weakening to the sebaceous glands. Anyone who does not have these problems, too, must be careful about the choice of cosmetics, so as not to disturb the structure of the hair.

Hair like other parts of the body should rest. The constant care for them and the treatment with a hair dryer, ironing, curling weaken the structure of the hair. No thermal protection can guarantee 100% of their safety. Therefore, sometimes you need to give your hair a break. This also applies to hairstyles: braids, tails, bumps.

The first paint appeared in the beginning of the 19th century. Already at that time, women wanted to be special, beautiful, attractive. Two centuries have passed, nothing has changed. Every second woman attaches her hair coloring. Regular staining spoils their structure, dries hair, gives them tarnish and brittle. To hair were fresh, alive – try to paint less often or choose good quality paints. After staining, apply a moisturizing mask that will strengthen your hair and protect it from damage. Many experts recommend that after painting hair apply a mask of honey and eggs. This mask envelops every hair of your hair and does not allow it to change its structure.

It is recommended to wash hair with warm water. Hot water flushes the sebaceous skin of the skin, which can lead to dandruff. Cold water in turn can lead to the disease. Therefore, warm water is the best option for washing your head.

Proper nutrition is one of the criteria for healthy hair. Structural components are magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium. All these vitamins can be found in the available products and saturate their body. Calcium we can meet in dairy products: cottage cheese, milk, cheeses. Kashi, honey, bran – carriers of potassium, which is also indispensable in the human body. In white cabbage or rye bread we can meet magnesium. To consume zinc – eat chicken liver and pamper yourself with nuts. When you use the right foods, your hair will look healthy, silky and grow quickly.

Help of professionals

All over the world, there are special technology centers that will help to examine your hair, determine the level of health, microbiological research. Based on your results, specialists will be able to prescribe you treatment.

It can be like a mask, such as a head massage, physiotherapy or electrophoresis. After the procedures, the hair gets a brilliant appearance. Specialists recommend contacting the center or dermatologist if you have any questions or concerns about your head covering.

Be always beautiful, watch your hair, look after yourself. The appearance of a person is his ticket to life. Use it with benefit!