Healthy to be fashionable

The theme of “health” has always been, is and will be the most urgent and debatable topic for society.

In today’s world, there are a lot of temptations that are very detrimental to our health, but in order to give them up we need to have good willpower, and this is not everyone’s power. But it’s never too late to start working on yourself!

Improper diet

Perhaps, one of the main problems of modern youth and not only. Being at school all day, or at work, during a long business trip, leaving for lunch break, if you have any place to be, no one will certainly refuse to eat fast food. Well, who can resist the appetizing hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, we will not forget about all the favorite French fries, but to her, in addition, also different, incomprehensible sauces? And, of course, it’s imperative to drink Coca-Cola, a carbonated drink that is of no understandable origin to anyone with an eerie dye, or even instant coffee! All this has a very bad effect on your health, and, in the end, on your overall appearance.

As a result, you get a sudden appearance of excess weight, gastritis, which can later turn into a peptic ulcer, a problem with increasing cholesterol levels, and this is not the whole list of unpleasant consequences.

Instead of all this, you can simply use berries, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts as a snack, which in turn will be very useful for your health.

If you have a thermos or a kettle on hand, it’s better not to be too lazy to allocate only 5-10 minutes, and prepare yourself a small portion of oats or buckwheat flakes or muesli, but their choice should be treated very carefully. As beverages, it is best to quench your thirst with the help of still mineral water or green tea, but if you still can not do without coffee, then it is better to choose a real coffee, but do not forget that it is not worth using more than two cups a day. Do not spare your time for your health, because it’s so easy to lose, so it’s better to become supporters of a healthy diet sooner!

Alcohol and Tobacco

It is also very important to pay attention and completely, flatly reject the most pernicious and widespread harmful habits of our days – this is the use of alcohol and of course smoking. In addition to the money spent, and deliberately harming your own health, you do not receive anything in return. We often see a company of very young people who drink alcohol somewhere in the doorways, while not forgetting about the cigarette, and completely without thinking about the consequences. But they can be the most deplorable. Alcohol is a slow poison that accumulates in your body and leads to various, very unpleasant diseases, and one cigarette smoked causes a spasm of blood vessels, especially the brain, for as long as two hours! And for what it’s all? You need to look after your health with your youth, if you value your health, want to have a healthy offspring in the future, keep your youth and beauty, replace all these unnecessary, troubled habits with a useful sport, whose varieties are huge, and everyone can choose exactly that an occupation that he likes. A bottle of beer is better to replace the useful water.

And even better juice. Spend more time in the fresh air simply strolling, or take a night jog, than you will help your body get a sound and healthy sleep, and he in turn will give you a beautiful appearance and a rush of cheerfulness in the morning.

All of the above can be read and understood by adults, but for young people this all seems just another morality, so start talking about harmful, addictive habits and a healthy lifestyle you need to start with your families. After all, only parents are an example for their children, and children, in turn, are our reflection. Start with yourself first, devote more time to your children and become a good example for them to follow.

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