Help to Tired Feet

Shoes with high heels – it’s beautiful, sexy. But no one says this time that such shoes are not completely comfortable. Note, part of her wearing leads to multiple diseases.

So how can you help tired feet?

1. Replacement shoes. If you wear high-heeled shoes is with you always need to have hay shoes (comfortable). As soon as you feel tired, immediately change one’s shoes.
2. Cold shower. After work, spray the legs with cold water. You immediately feel the lightness.
3. Massage. Self-massage – another good tool that can relieve leg fatigue. Undoubtedly, massaging the husband can your feet. Movement should be smooth.

Dear women, I want to turn to you and say that beauty is important, but health is more important. Varicose veins and uncomfortable shoes – these are two words synonymous. If the disease has been in the family, then you need to be twice as careful. In addition, the back is experiencing a double burden if you constantly walk on his heels. Take care of yourself and your health!

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