Herbs or Tablet?

2411201610Nowadays more and more people prefer to take pills at the slightest indisposition. But if we remember our grandmothers, they are never in a hurry to drink. To draw an analogy, the health they have been tightened.

Unquestionably, the pill is always easier to drink. But do not forget about folk remedies that may actually heal the body. Herbs and spices – all created by nature itself, so it can not harm the body. As various tablets, they have a lot of side effects. Correctly say – one cure, and another maimed.

So, what spices you can use to improve their health?

1. Cinnamon. You can protect yourself against viruses with cinnamon.
2. Black mustard. Coughing – this means number one.
3. Ginger. In diseases of the throat can be cut a piece of ginger and sucked. Even ginger root, you can brew tea (you can add a slice of lemon). With a cold – it is a very good tool.
4. Turmeric. Turmeric raids antibacterial properties. With its help you can also rejuvenate.

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