High Heel

061220167At present, many women prefer to wear shoes with high heels. It should be noted that some ladies can wear shoes with high heels, even in winter. Some people can only envy and admire so desperate women.

Undoubtedly, it’s beautiful. So gait women becomes more sexy and graceful. Once again, we note that the main advantage of high heel shoes – that’s the beauty. Women Court shoes looked simply divine. Also, the gait becomes easier and flying.

But do not forget about the negative aspects. Most likely, they are much more. In addition, it is fraught with serious health problems.

1. Heaviness in the legs. If the evening disturbs heaviness in the legs, then the fault of the high heel.
2. Corns. Uncomfortable shoes may cause blisters.
3. Back. If you become hurt back, the originator of this, none other than a high heel to the end of the day. The additional load comes back, which causes pain.

As you can see, dear women, high heels can cause many pathologies. Before you buy such shoes, you need to carefully weigh all.

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