Hiking in the Solarium

Now, to show off a beautiful tan, it is not necessary to go to the sea. For this enough to write to the solarium. After a few sessions, the skin will get a beautiful color.

But before you go there, you need to know the basic rules of tanning!

1. The parlor. Very carefully choose a salon. Pay attention to the staff who work there, and on the equipment.
2. The day off. Visit the solarium is better in a day. After all this stress, and skin will need time to recover.
3. Cosmetics. If you go to a salon, it is necessary to wash off all makeup.
4. Means for sunburn. Be sure to use the tool for avtozaraga. This will protect the skin from drying out and burning.
5. Hair. Be sure to protect your hair in the solarium. To do this, you need to wear a hat or scarf.
6. Chest. Be sure to close the chest bra. In no case can not be naked in the solarium.
7. Water. After a visit to the solarium is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, because the skin is dehydrated. Using water balance can be set.

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