During the period of cold infections, many people are faced with such a problem as a hoarse voice. The disease brings a lot of inconvenience. Especially those who do work related to the work of the vocal cords (lecturer, teacher, salesman).

So how can you cope with the disease? What measures should be taken?

1. Silence. It is very important in the acute phase of the disease to remain silent This will enable the vocal cords relax and recover faster.
2. Hot tea. Throughout the day you need to drink tea. This could be lemon tea or herbal tea. Sometimes you can add a little brandy in your tea. This will greatly facilitate the state of the sick person.
3. Rinse. Most herbs need to gargle. To do this, you can use chamomile, calendula, salvia. Gargle needed up to 6 times a day.
4. Inhalation. Inhalation may also be used herbs. To do this, put into boiling water grass. A few minutes later, they must boil. Then the broth must be given time to cool down. Now we need to take a towel, cover your head and breathe over a saucepan with broth.

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