Holidays in Austria and its national cuisine

When it’s time for vacation. No matter what time of the year it will be outside the window, we all certainly want to spend it somewhere far away from the daily bustle, all the same daily faces on the way to work, from work and on it directly.

I want something special, new, to spend time with benefit, while relaxing and getting a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Where usually go on vacation

In summer, of course, everyone wants to bask in the sun, buy in warm sea water, or go to the forest to breathe clean, not polluted with urban car exhaust fumes, especially if there is a lake or water reservoir nearby. In summer, you can choose a million destinations, where you can go to relax, for every taste and opportunity.

But as for the rest in the cooler time of the year, this is a question of the preferences of the vacationer. Someone can simply retire and do household chores, someone prefers a country house or cottage with quiet quiet pastime over a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, watching the changes in nature wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket, and someone goes to warm countries, to spend time like in the summer. It all depends on your personal preferences. And for those who really prefer to spend a vacation with the best pastime is a journey to different countries of the world.

And it’s really very interesting and informative, because at this time you do not just rest and distract from everyday monotonous fuss, but discover a lot of new and useful.

Getting acquainted with the culture, traditions and customs of other countries, you not only acquire new knowledge, but also become more educated.

Literate and knowledgeable is better than a person reading a lot of useful and informative literature, because you can observe all this yourself. The choice of the country for the holiday is very individual, you can choose your favorite country for you in terms of vacation and go there every year, and you can write yourself a list of countries you would like to visit and start implementing it, or you can simply choose every time to go to a new country.

Austria is your wonderful choice

One of the most beautiful and interesting countries, where hundreds of thousands of tourists go every year is Austria. It is an amazingly beautiful and hospitable country with a huge number of attractions, which are visited by a huge number of people who want to visit. The first thing that captivates the guests of the country is the national Austrian cuisine, the dishes of which are known and loved in many countries of the world.

Surprisingly, in fact, many dishes of national Austrian cuisine are absolutely simple in their preparation and consist of absolutely accessible ingredients, it is also worth noting that if you purposefully want to try different national dishes, you will have to travel literally across the country, since in each region of the country the preferences are different.

But this is for the best, because then you will have an incentive to really visit different cities of this wonderful, picturesque country.

But in order to know which dishes to try, while in Austria, you need to prepare a list of at least the most basic ones. And so, if you got to a restaurant and decided to taste Austrian cuisine, pay attention to such dishes as:

– Viennese schnitzel – the most famous and favorite dish in Austria;
– Baked chicken – Bahkun, which is usually served with a potato salad;
– Delicious omelet Kaisershmarren;
– Famous and beloved apple strudel and of course the most popular cake “Sacher”.

Having tried the dishes of national Austrian cuisine, do not forget about the famous aromatic Austrian coffee, which is also very tasty here. You can order yourself a standard cup of coffee with milk – a grocer, or a small cup – Kleiner browner. And if you want to relax culturally, order yourself a glass of delicious wine, which you will certainly be helped by the most competent sommelier. You will get unforgettable impressions, gain a lot of useful knowledge and discoveries for yourself and truly fall in love with this wonderful country, where you will certainly want to return again and again.