Hollywood Tan without Harm to Health

So the long-awaited summer came. This means that all women will be interested in the question – how you can beautifully tan. In fact, the issue is topical, because sometimes you can not tan, but burn. In this case, nothing to do with beautiful tanning skin will not have.

Let’s find out how to get a Hollywood tan?

1. Sunscreen. To sunburn was a natural, sunscreen should be used not only on the beach, but also during walks. The skin is very tender, so it must always be protected from the aggressive effects of sunlight.
2. The quality of the facility. The cream should be bought only in specialized stores. In this case, it is important to choose the correct SPF-protection. The lighter the skin, the higher it should be. Do not use a product with a poor shelf life.
3. Time on the beach. On the first day you need to spend a minimum time on the beach. Give your skin a little getting used to the new climate and the sun’s rays. In the second and subsequent days of rest you can sunbathe in the first half of the day and after dinner.

Be beautiful and tanned!

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