Home care for eyelashes

Every woman dreams of a mysterious and attractive look. This effect is created by fluffy and long cilia. To avoid hair loss and fragility, you need to ensure a high-quality and full-fledged care for them. Now this is very important, since after lamination and eyelash extensions, they fall out, become rare, unattractive and greatly weakened. To restore their natural beauty, the people’s means will help. For example, castor oil is famous for its useful properties. Its regular use will return eyelashes volume and beauty.

Instructions for the use of castor oil

There are a lot of ways to use the oil, the easiest way to apply the product in its pure form with a brush from the carcass, only it must first be washed in soapy water and dried well. After the bristles are dropped into the oil and applied every day before going to sleep on damaged hairs. After the first week of the procedure, you will see the result.

Very well nourishes and strengthens the hairs mixture of almond, burdock, castor oil with the addition of vitamin E and fish oil. Ingredients take in a small amount, a few drops will be enough. Apply the drug every other day, for two weeks, then take a short break. It should be noted the huge benefit of castor oil, which consists of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The effect of this substance on the hair occurs internally and protects the eyelashes from damage. Especially oil has a low price and it can be bought at any pharmacy.

Also great for helping, treatment of eyelashes with castor oil mixed with broths from medicinal herbs. You can take calendula or chamomile, in principle, any inflorescence will do. Brew herbal tincture, let it cool and then pour in a little oil. Then wadded disk is wetted in liquid and applied for two hours, then rinse with plain water. Be sure to store the product at room temperature and before use, check if you are allergic to it. Do not forget that the skin of the eyelids is very sensitive, so do not take chances. First, test the wrist by dropping a couple of drops of oil on it. And do not let the product get on the mucous eyes.

Useful tips for restoring eyelashes after building

Do not forget about the care of the centuries. Skin under the eyes as a whole requires thorough attention. Since the hair follicles and blood vessels are located there. This is the main and key aspect of treatment after the procedure for removing artificial material from the eyelashes. Through the skin, bulbs receive vitamins and minerals, thereby providing a positive environment for the growth of eyelashes. Before going to bed, do a restorative compress in a weekly course. Pour boiling water on the inflorescence of thyme, sage, marigold or take green tea. Give the tincture to cool down, and it is better to put it in the refrigerator. Then we impregnate the cotton wool discs and put them on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

The next step to the rehabilitation of cilia, will be the use of vitamins. It is on the health of the hair growth and the speed of their renewal. In the pharmacy you can buy complex products or capsule form vitamins E and A, which are mandatory for the problem with the growth of hairs. But you can start taking medications after consulting a doctor. Be sensitive. Do not use eyelash curlers, do not leave nutrients on eyes for a long time, do not be on scorching sun without glasses, eat properly. How trivial it does not sound. But a healthy diet is an important component for the health of the body. Use only hypoallergenic, high-quality cosmetics and never leave mascara for the night. An excellent product for removing makeup, for the period of revitalization of hair bulbs, will be coconut oil. It will cope with the task, not worse than any advertised means.

According to scientific data, the life cycle of the bulb is 90 days. Therefore, such a period is considered the maximum for which you can restore eyelashes. However, the actual time interval depends on how initially the follicles are active, what degree of damage has been applied. The first results from the procedures can be seen in a couple of weeks. Of course, if the recommendations are used systematically and in good faith.

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