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101220162Every woman wants to be beautiful and cute. But the years go by inexorably. In this regard, for a need to regularly take care of. So how can you ensure proper care of your skin at home?

1. Honey. Honey – is a versatile tool. It can be used as an ingredient for hair masks and skin peeling. If you use honey for the skin, it nourishes her. As for the hair, after the honey masks they will be smooth and silky.
2. Avocado Oil. To make your lips beautiful, you need to use avocado oil. No need to spend huge amounts of money on different creams. Avocado oil – that’s what it takes to lips.
3. Olive oil. There is no better way to moisturize the hair, than olive oil. Apply it is possible from the tips of the hair to its roots.
4. Tomatoes. Face mask based on tomatoes perfectly narrow pores and get rid of blackheads.
5. Oatmeal. On the basis of oatmeal scrub can be prepared. With it, you can get rid of the “orange peel”.

Beautiful woman be not so difficult. In this case, the minimum cost.

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