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Sometimes, even the most active people who can not live a single day to not engage in the gym, are so tired after a difficult working day that they have to accept the omission of today’s training.

And everything would be fine, only such days do not happen on their own.

There is such a stumbling block of work problems, that all this can drag on for a month or several months. And what even in that case? Resigned? Or just on weekends try to deal with.

But, if a person is too tired during the whole working week, then he will not be at all before playing sports. On such days, you just want to rest at home and do not go anywhere at all.

So it turns out that people are forced to give up their active lives and no longer engage in fitness or anything else.

How to start for fitness?

When the work is most connected not with physical activity, but with a constant load on the brain, that is, a person sits for a long time in the working chair in front of the computer, then try to walk on foot when you leave your work. If you live very far, it is best to stand for 3-5 stops before your home environment. That is, choose for yourself such a distance, at which you would walk for 40-60 minutes and not in wagons, but in an intensive step.

The fact is that throughout the whole working day you have not moved at all for a very long time, which has a very negative effect on your whole body.

Moreover, even adhering to proper nutrition, that is, to eat the minimum number of calories, that is, not to gain excess weight, the body will still be exhausted from the fixed way of life. The transmitted intestine from sedentary work, violation of blood flow in the legs, as well as salt deposits – all this is waiting for people who stop playing sports.

Accordingly, walking at an intense pace allows you to stimulate the heart muscle, which drives blood through all the vessels that were transmitted during the day. In addition, the intestines also become rasstrasitsya and the accumulated gases will be better to go out. If you know that the house just fall into the bed, then when walking, you can perform several exercises. You need to start from the top down. That is, when moving along the sidewalk or in the park, look in one direction, with maximum tension of the neck muscles, then in the other direction. Do this 10-12 times.

Then head incline: as much as possible down – then up. Also repeat 10-12 times in each direction. Further, we drop below. We pass to the elbow and shoulder joints. You can lower the pace of walking and raise your hands up and down.

Then try to squeeze the palms in front of him, also 10-12 times. Thus, 3-5 minutes of exercise will not allow the development of osteochondrosis of the cervico-thoracic region. And when you come home, do not rush to take a shower. Take off those extra clothes that are so tired for the whole day, lie on the floor and perform the exercise wrinkling.

Rise, bending in the body, lying on the back and touch the fingers of the toes of the toes with fingers. That is, you can train the abdominal area. And all this then ended with squats – one approach 20-30 times. Naturally, in the end we do not forget about the stretching. That’s so easy to perform a minimum set of exercises, when time does not allow a person to visit the gym. After such a walk with exercises, you can get a small influx of energy. Dine, but not tight and go with your beloved family for an evening walk. As a result, everyone can completely engage in fitness.

You need to win in your laziness

Of great importance is the laziness that lives among us and in ourselves. And if we, people, become her obey, then this will be the first step to becoming a completely unhealthy person.

To find exercises for yourself or a time when you can deal with them, absolutely everyone can. Wherever you are, what you did not do, remember, you must drive out laziness.

And only then the useful properties of fitness will help you reach your goal to be an active and joyful person, and not to perceive work as something bad that does not allow you to dispose of your time.

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