Home Hair Care

Every woman just going crazy at the sight of luxurious and long hair. This is due to the fact that the hair – is a kind of business card woman. How do you want them to always have an attractive appearance and are healthy.

So what should you do to achieve beautiful hair? Tips will touch home, and not professional care.

1. Luster. To achieve this, you need to use an ordinary black tea. At the same time, a dark shade of hair can give a more saturated color.
2. Hair like silk. To do this, the infusion of chamomile need. It needs to be brewed and rinse hair after shampooing. At the same time, light shades of hair will become a beautiful golden color.
3. Prevention of loss. To strengthen the hair, you will need a nettle. In addition, a decoction of nettles help to eliminate the increased oiliness of hair.
4. Stimulation of hair growth. To the hair began to grow faster, take the ivy leaves. The infusion should be rubbed into the scalp. This treatment – 2 months.

As you can see, with the help of the popular methods of hair can make really beautiful!

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